About Us

Meetings:  The Nitro Convention & Visitors Bureau  meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00 P.M., unless the event of an unforeseen situation arising that requires a change to our normal meeting schedule.  Meetings are held at the Nitro CVB / NDA office, 201 21st Street.  The members of the Nitro CVB Board of Directors encourage the citizens of Nitro, as well as any other interested persons, to attend our monthly meetings.
Purpose:  The purpose of the Corporation shall be to operate a Convention and Visitors Bureau for the City of Nitro West Virginia, so as to represent the common interest of Tourism to the City of Nitro and to encourage increased economic activity and development in order to further the general welfare and prosperity of the City of Nitro, West Virginia.
Objective:  The establishment of the Nitro Convention and Visitors Bureau, Inc. was authorized by the City Council for the purpose of enhancing the financial well-being of our Citizens, our Business Community, and our city through the creation of a viable convention and tourism destination location. The Nitro CVB’s Executive Director and Board of Directors work diligently and deliberately towards the achievement of this objective.  By drawing upon Nitro’s history ( the development of our community for the sole purpose of producing munitions to serve our Nation’s war efforts during the late stages of WWI); our human resources (citizens, business owners, community organizations, and city government); our primary source of funding ( a portion of West Virginia’s hotel/motel tax); potentially available financial resources (federal and state grant monies, and monetary and/or in-kind service contributions to specific projects); our existing physical resources (children’s playground area, boat launch area, municipal swimming pool, sports facilities, portable outdoor motion picture projection capabilities, Ridenour Lake, undeveloped property bordering  the Kanawha River, etc.) we believe that we have the assets available with which to work for the successful achievement of our objective.
Board of Directors: 
Members are:  Dave Casebolt, Bill Racer, Bill Javins, Robert Lagg, John Young, Vicki Shumate-Jackson, Ivan Meadows, John Slater, Susan Valleau and Carmen Kostelansky. 
Executive Director: Linda Quinn Keeling

past minutes

CVB Meeting Minutes March 3,2014

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